Friday, May 24, 2013

Introduction, Or an Explanation, Really

N.B. I used to have a Blogger but I deleted it. So here is a new one and I gotta say, the layout is basically  a Google doc (while writing).

As any good paper goes, let's start with an introduction (they teach you to introduce a paper with one of the following: quote, definition, question, anecdote. Usually, that is a bad idea. Of course, in general, the five paragraph essay is a bad idea).

This blog is a story of a girl and her ideas. She once wanted to be an astronaut and saved money to go to Hunstsville. She discovered that you had to be 5'8" (although that's changed now) and so decided to became a radio astronomer.

Ellie Nava-Jones? 

But math was too hard and not very interesting. Plus books, glorious glorious books.

So she became an English major. She wanted a Ph.D. She wanted to teach at a university. But turns out she wasn't quite smart enough to survive graduate school. Politics ruins everything, especially in art.
Library, or Accounting Office, depending
So she taught for a while. Then to marry her interests of literature and teaching, she became a librarian.

Politics ruined that, too.

So now she is an accountant. Which, sometimes, isn't too different from a teacher or a librarian.

This blog explores those intersections. This girl, maybe now a woman (maybe not), also became an advocate with social justice at a non profit, met a wonderful man, and had a fairly cute baby. This blog may also talk about babies, families, and the project of marriage.

We will explore these life changes, talk about events and probably ruinous politics, ideas, books, love (always love), and the confusion of what is going on with this girl's life.

This blog officially endorses the Oxford comma.

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